SCCI rejects surprise and overnight record hike in PoL products

05 November 2021

November 05, 2021

PESHAWAR: President, Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Hasnain Khurshid Ahmad has categorically rejected another record overnight and surprise increase in prices of petroleum products and asked the government to revise its decision forthwith.

Chairing a joint meeting of industrialists and traders here at the chamber house on Friday, Mr Khurshid said that a relief package was announced by Prime’s Minister during address to nation, but at the same time, the government has continuously increasing prices of petroleum commodities, which was completely incomprehensible and illogical.

The meeting was attended by SCCI Senior Vice President Imran Khan Mohmand, Vice president Javed Akhtar and members of the executive committee.

The SCCI chief termed the increasing prices of petrol and diesel as well electricity and gas tariffs as a part of IMF conditions. He added the government’s policies are an attempt to further push the country’s crippling economy in a devastated situation.

He went on to say that petrol, electricity and gas are lifelines for industries, which are being used as raw material to furnish finishing products, but consistent increase in prices has also enhanced the cost of industrial production that would directly affect the common people in the shape of increased prices of essential items.

Similarly, he said the whopping surge in petrol and diesel prices has brought further stagnation in economic growth and devastation to the country’s fragile economy.

Hasnain Khurshid noted that the businessmen are being faced with enormous difficulties owing to post-Covid scenario, especially inconsistent government’s economic policies, now the frequent increase in petrol prices have further aggravating the situation.

The SCCI chief slammed an increase of Rs8.3 per litre hike in petrol and Rs8.13 per litre diesel was completely unjust and unacceptable, should be revised immediately

Expressing grave concern over gas loadshedding since the beginning of winter, Mr Khurshid asked the government to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to industries and commercial consumers as KP region is surplus in gas production so it has the constitutional right under article 158-A of the constitution to fully exploit its natural resources.

The SCCI president on the occasion made a demand for the announcement of a special relief package for traders’ community, which had been miserably affected by Covid-19 restrictions. He warned if the government didn’t withdraw the record hike in petroleum products, so the business community would compel in protest, which responsibility would be laid upon government and authorities concerned.

Sajjad Aziz,

Secretary General, Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry